Like many others out there, I decided to try the newly released “unofficial” beta version of Windows 7 build 7000.  Based on what I’ve seen, I will be purchasing once it comes out.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality and completeness.   But where the rubber really meets the road is the speed…

Unlike everyone else who is trying this on the latest and greatest system, I decided to try Windows 7 on the slowest, crappiest computer I still had.  So, here’s the specs:

  • PC: Shuttle SK41G barebones
  • CPU: Athlon XP 2400
  • RAM: 1 GB (2×512 MB)
  • GPU: Geforce 6200 AGP
  • HDD: 160 GB IDE

Being purchased approx. March 2001, its marginally capable of running Ubuntu Intrepid or Windows XP.  It’s mostly been used to run Ubuntu over the years.  It was capable of running Compiz, but was woefully underpowered to run the “cube” effects of Compiz.  The best I could manage is the “wall” effects, which are much less taxing.

When I tried to install Windows 7, I was all but certain it would make the system choke.  But, imagine my surprise that Windows 7 not only booted up, but Aero worked!  And it worked fairly well, also.  Its at least as usable, and actually runs Firefox, IE, etc. fairly well.

So, kudos to MS.  Now that Allchin is out of there and Sinovsky is running things, perhaps they can make a decent OS.

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