On Aug. 24, I called a 2nd time to Acer’s inept customer service line, and got nowhere.  I called a 3rd time on Aug. 27.  For the first 5 mins of the conversation, support rep thought I had the wrong first name on the account.  Finally, after convincing the Indian gentleman (whose English was so broken and unintelligible, he should’ve never been allowed anywhere near a customer service center) that someone whose first initial “S” is not pronounced “EssAY”, he put me on hold.  When he came back 10 mins later, he finally announced to me the following (and for full effect, pronounce this very slowly), “Ve … vill … send … you … a … new … mon..i..taur … in … ten … days.

Glory be, I finally received it this afternoon.  Functionally, its pretty much the exact same 22” I had before, but it does have a few perks my old one didn’t, like portrait rotation and adjustable height (neither of which I don’t really need).  But, I at least have a monitor back.

I never even bothered to ask for the $60 back for shipping from the guy.  I was afraid that if I did, his head might explode.

Anyway, I’ll use this monitor until it wears out.  But I probably won’t ever consider purchasing another Acer product again.

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