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Published by Derek Moore on 03 Sep 2009

Acer monitor update

On Aug. 24, I called a 2nd time to Acer’s inept customer service line, and got nowhere.  I called a 3rd time on Aug. 27.  For the first 5 mins of the conversation, support rep thought I had the wrong first name on the account.  Finally, after convincing the Indian gentleman (whose English was so broken and unintelligible, he should’ve never been allowed anywhere near a customer service center) that someone whose first initial “S” is not pronounced “EssAY”, he put me on hold.  When he came back 10 mins later, he finally announced to me the following (and for full effect, pronounce this very slowly), “Ve … vill … send … you … a … new … mon..i..taur … in … ten … days.

Glory be, I finally received it this afternoon.  Functionally, its pretty much the exact same 22” I had before, but it does have a few perks my old one didn’t, like portrait rotation and adjustable height (neither of which I don’t really need).  But, I at least have a monitor back.

I never even bothered to ask for the $60 back for shipping from the guy.  I was afraid that if I did, his head might explode.

Anyway, I’ll use this monitor until it wears out.  But I probably won’t ever consider purchasing another Acer product again.

Published by Derek Moore on 10 May 2008

So I wasn’t the only one to complain

A followup to my post yesterday, our local paper had an article today about overzealous weather policies by local TV stations.  Let me say again, I whole-heartedly agree with WBTV’s recent change to cover severe weather w/ a crawl, and only break-in to coverage when absolutely necessary.

By insisting on breaking-in to coverage at the drop of a hat, WSOC and WCNC are going to find themselves cyring wolf.

Published by Derek Moore on 09 May 2008

TV weather geeks need to be banned from the air

I couldn’t believe my eyes tonight as I witnessed both our local ABC and NBC affiliates here in Charlotte allowed the weather geeks to run roughshod over the station managers and interrupted Earl, Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Grey’s, etc., simply because of a few severe thunderstorms.

I don’t mean to minimize the plight of the people in the storms. But when I’m inside a severe storm, the last thing I have is a TV. Either the power is out, or cable is out. Consequently, the only people who care about your First Warn Super Doppler 3000 report CAN’T EVEN SEE IT! Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting there, without a single raindrop falling, looking at Steve Udelson’s dorky face telling us every 45 secs to seek shelter. ITS A TORNADO, STEVE! THEY KNOW THAT! For two solid hours tonight, one station kept repeating the same information over and over and over every 3 minutes.

The problem is that weather geeks have gone too far. The stations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on massive radar and computer systems, and feel they have to justify the expense by interrupting regular programming every time it starts raining.

The last time they did something like this, our local CBS affiliate interrupted the broadcast of the ACC basketball tournament this year because we got a 1/2 inch of rain in an hour. Yea. They’re still sorting through the hate mail from that one. So wisely, tonight, the CBS affiliate learned their lesson and showed the normal programming, but showed a crawl across the bottom of the screen, and the weather guy was only on during commercials.

So, bravo to WBTV (CBS). WCNC (NBC) and WSOC (ABC), I hope your weather geeks guys go stand on top of your radar towers the next time a storm hits, and do us all a favor.

Published by Derek Moore on 02 Oct 2007

So True…

It’s hard being the tech guy.

Published by Derek Moore on 12 Sep 2007

On Vacation

I will be on vacation until Friday.  That means I will not be answering any email until then.  See ya!

Published by Derek Moore on 06 Sep 2007

“I ain’t got time to ____”

80%The Movie Quiz

Published by Derek Moore on 18 Apr 2007

“I am a Hokie”

I think we all are…

In the wake of all the Virginia Tech stuff, several things stick out in my mind. First, it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a classroom just like those kids. I spent the last two years of college pretty much in one building, the computer science building at UNCC. It looked almost exactly like Norris Hall, except for one big difference: small windows. The one thing those kids in Norris had going for them was large, open windows that allowed many to jump to safety.

Second, several groups have wanted to disavow Cho (for obvious reasons) to avoid a backlash. For instance, Korea said today that it expressed regret, and hoped it wouldn’t strain relations with the U.S. Obviously, just because this kid was Korean doesn’t mean all of Korea should be blamed. Eric Rudolph, the Olympic bomber, was from North Carolina. But, no one obviously blamed me and the entire state of NC for that wacko. So anyone who blames all Koreans, just because that Cho kid went off his nut, clearly lacks gray matter.

And finally, events like this will obviously stir up a political firestorm. And one storm that should be stirred up is the issue of gun control. I’ve never owned a gun, but I’ve never given it much thought, either. To each his own. But the ease by which this kid and many like him can get guns is astonishing.

Some argue that the solution is to put more guns out there, so people can defend themselves. This is flawed logic. Lets say we create 100,000 more gun owners. And say .01% of them are psychopaths like this who pass background checks. That’s 10 additional psychopathic gun-owners that we didn’t have before. I have no doubt that if some of those students or faculty in that building were packin’, perhaps only a few people would’ve died before someone had killed Cho. And we’d also have 100 more incidents of shootings just like it around the country.

I’ve never been pro or con either way, but now I’m convinced… It’s time to repeal the Second Amendment.

Published by Derek Moore on 12 Oct 2006

Latest MS updates crashed me

I installed MS’s latest security updates this morning, and when booting into windows, I get a blue-screen of death, and a shutdown.

I was able to go into safe mode and remove the updates, and things went back to normal.  But watch out!  Here are the updates that were installed this morning: 890830, 923191, 924496, 923414, 922819, and 924191.

Published by digg on 08 Aug 2006

New Borland Line Salutes Turbo Pascal Spirit

This is awesome news…

Shortly after the original IBM PC appeared, a tiny upstart company with the big name Borland International rocked the programming world by releasing its Turbo Pascal compiler. Today Borland announces a revival of the Turbo Pascal spirit with its new line of Turbo development tools

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Published by Derek Moore on 02 Jul 2006

First entry of the new blog

I’ve switched blogging software to WordPress, which will require commenters to, like, register and stuff.  It sure was fun cleaning out those 100 Viagra and casino ads for each post I made on the old blog.

This blog, basically, will be me posting about something I love — saving money.  I plan to post each Sunday the best deals in the newspaper ads, as well as any deals on sites like NewEgg. I also might make a random post here and there about some tech news from Digg, or other interesting tidbits.

The real question is, will anyone read this blog? :)