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Published by Derek Moore on 21 Sep 2007

This is the future…

If ‘Net Neutrality is lost,  this will be your “choice” left:


Published by Derek Moore on 09 Sep 2007

US Broadband: Pathetic

Yea, not exactly breaking news. But this article from DailyTech, says that in the UK, most people have a choice of maybe 100-200 high-speed ISPs to choose from, while here in the US, you might have two or three (cable, DSL, or FiOS if you’re lucky).

Now, I realize that the US is geographically much larger, and therefore much more expensive to wire. But not that expensive. There’s no reason (other than the monopolistic practices of the telecomms) that we shouldn’t have at least 7-8 ways to get broadband in any major metro area.

Ultimately, the biggest problem w/ broadband is lack of choice.  More choice would give more speed for less price.