Published by Derek Moore on 03 Jun 2007

DRM-free music embeds your name?! OMG!! It’s the end of the world!!

FYI, iTunes has recently announced that EMI’s entire catalog is available for download in a DRM-free version.  Now, comes word that the DRM-free songs have your personal info (name and email address) buried in them, to discourage people from sharing them on P2P networks.

What’s funny, however, is how up-in-arms people are getting.  I absolutely dispise DRM, which is why I still buy used CD’s and rip them to MP3.  However, this seems like a fair comprimise.  You agree to not distribute it, we give it to you unencumbered.

I could say more, but this guy has said it all.

Published by Derek Moore on 18 Apr 2007

“I am a Hokie”

I think we all are…

In the wake of all the Virginia Tech stuff, several things stick out in my mind. First, it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a classroom just like those kids. I spent the last two years of college pretty much in one building, the computer science building at UNCC. It looked almost exactly like Norris Hall, except for one big difference: small windows. The one thing those kids in Norris had going for them was large, open windows that allowed many to jump to safety.

Second, several groups have wanted to disavow Cho (for obvious reasons) to avoid a backlash. For instance, Korea said today that it expressed regret, and hoped it wouldn’t strain relations with the U.S. Obviously, just because this kid was Korean doesn’t mean all of Korea should be blamed. Eric Rudolph, the Olympic bomber, was from North Carolina. But, no one obviously blamed me and the entire state of NC for that wacko. So anyone who blames all Koreans, just because that Cho kid went off his nut, clearly lacks gray matter.

And finally, events like this will obviously stir up a political firestorm. And one storm that should be stirred up is the issue of gun control. I’ve never owned a gun, but I’ve never given it much thought, either. To each his own. But the ease by which this kid and many like him can get guns is astonishing.

Some argue that the solution is to put more guns out there, so people can defend themselves. This is flawed logic. Lets say we create 100,000 more gun owners. And say .01% of them are psychopaths like this who pass background checks. That’s 10 additional psychopathic gun-owners that we didn’t have before. I have no doubt that if some of those students or faculty in that building were packin’, perhaps only a few people would’ve died before someone had killed Cho. And we’d also have 100 more incidents of shootings just like it around the country.

I’ve never been pro or con either way, but now I’m convinced… It’s time to repeal the Second Amendment.

Published by Derek Moore on 03 Apr 2007

Deals of the Week - April 3, 2007

A day late and a dollar short…


  • Acer 19″ Widescreen LCD monitor - $150 (200 - 50 MIR).  Nice price for a 19″ widescreen with a low 5ms response time and a DVI input.  Only downside? Acer can be a bit of a cheap brand.  Take a look before you buy.
  • Logitech EX110 wireless keyboard/mouse - $20 (30 - 10 MIR).  A perfectly good keyboard for mom or dad.  But watch out.  I got one of these for my mom a couple weeks ago, and it didn’t have a wrist rest, despite the clearly cut-and-pasted one in the ad.

That’s it.  The ads are really paltry this time of year.  Try NewEgg if you want some actual deals.

Published by Derek Moore on 31 Mar 2007

It takes several hundred to Tango

The Tango Project makes great looking, open source icons. Or, at least they were trying to. I’ve wanted to use Tango icons in a couple of my projects, but the set was so incomplete, that it seemed pointless.

But no longer! Apparently, a few hundred people danced the night away by filling in these large gaps in the Tango Project.

Makes me wish I were artistic in some way…

Published by Derek Moore on 25 Mar 2007

Deals of the Week - March 25, 2007

Not that many deals worth even talking about this week.  Just these…

Circuit City

  • Kingston 512MB PC3200 - $30 (59-29 MIR) .. RAM is really falling in price lately.  Time to grab some.
  • Kingston 1GB flash drive - $15 (no MIR).  Flash drives are really handy.


Published by Derek Moore on 19 Mar 2007

Deals of the Week - March 18, 2007

I haven’t done these deals of the week in a long time, so I thought I’d do another.


CompUSSR’s closings so many stores across the nation (mainly in the West), that many people will be able to reap the benefits of the firesale they’re having. Here’s a complete list of stores that are closing. And they’re celebrating their 23rd anniversary this week. What a way to celebrate. “OK employees, corporate sent all of you two gifts for our anniversary, a clock/radio, and a pink slip.”

Anyway, some deals…

  • Logitech MX3200 wireless keyboard/mouse - $49.99 - $70-20
  • Western Digital 250GB PATA or SATA hard drive -$69.99 - $90-20
  • Envision 19″ Widescreen LCD - $149.99 - $200-50
  • Generic ATX case - $19.99
  • Antec case w/ 380W power supply - $39.99 - $80-40 (hefty rebate)
  • Seagate 160GB SATA hard drive - $39.99 - $80-40 (another hefty rebate for just a HDD)
  • Antec EarthWatts 500W power supply - $39.99 - $80-40

Published by Derek Moore on 12 Oct 2006

Latest MS updates crashed me

I installed MS’s latest security updates this morning, and when booting into windows, I get a blue-screen of death, and a shutdown.

I was able to go into safe mode and remove the updates, and things went back to normal.  But watch out!  Here are the updates that were installed this morning: 890830, 923191, 924496, 923414, 922819, and 924191.

Published by Derek Moore on 21 Sep 2006

Reporters who refused to reveal BALCO leak get prison


These guys are heroes, IMO.  Although BALCO doesn’t have the same implications as something like Watergate, it is still worth the investigation for no other reason than the public health issue.  And, like Watergate, without investigative journalism and confidential sources, everything would be covered up and nothing would change.  Baseball (as well as other sports) has now had over a decade to fix the steroid problem, with no result.  If these journalists didn’t publish this testimony, there’s no way that it would have ever seen the light of day.

I find it sad that a waste of oxygen like Victor Conte gets 4 months in prison, and these guys get 18 months for doing the right thing.

Published by digg on 08 Aug 2006

New Borland Line Salutes Turbo Pascal Spirit

This is awesome news…

Shortly after the original IBM PC appeared, a tiny upstart company with the big name Borland International rocked the programming world by releasing its Turbo Pascal compiler. Today Borland announces a revival of the Turbo Pascal spirit with its new line of Turbo development tools

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Published by Derek Moore on 09 Jul 2006

Deals of the Week - July 9

Best Buy:

  • Memorex 512MB Flash drive - $20.  No rebates.  Nice.

Circuit City:

  • Sandisk 512MB Flash drive - $14 ($34 - $14 Mfr. MIR - $6 CC MIR).  Good price, but 2 rebates.  Meh…
  • Seagate 160GB IDE hard drive - $40 ($110 - $30 Mfr. MIR - $40 CC MIR).  Kinda steep on the rebates, but 25¢ per GB is an awesome price.  Plus Seagate makes the best hard drives, bar none.
  • Seinfeld Season 1-6 DVD’s - $22 each season.  Serenity Now!

Office Depot:

  • Sharp scientific calculator - Free ($7 - $7 MIR).  Gotta love freebies.

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